Our meals are fresh to your table, From Cheeseburgers to salads, pizza, BLT’s and much much more. If you’re still hungry, we can fix you something else. We have a huge selection of drinks like sweet tea, coffee, pepsi, coke and our full line cold cold beers.  We also have daily specials on our hot bar and comes with a roll or cornbread and served with Dessert..

PicsArt_1426303213638                                              Some of the BoROONIES Favorites

Our Fames Cheeseburger Plate                                     Hamburger Steak       

PicsArt_1426647638147                         PicsArt_1426791973322

             Homemade Slaw                                                           Red Potato’s

PicsArt_1426792489998                             PicsArt_1426792072741  

                    7 -Layer Salad                                                                Green Beans

PicsArt_1426792729754                           PicsArt_1426792595351

              Mashed Potato’s                                                                  Fried Chicken

 PicsArt_1426792326575                        PicsArt_1426791897418

                        Soup Beans                                                                  Macaroni Salad

PicsArt_1426792158153                        PicsArt_1426792243445

Our Favorite


BoROONIES Beer’s & Beverages

PicsArt_1426972024037PicsArt_1426970200712PicsArt_1426969989835 PicsArt_1426970099942 PicsArt_1426969802413

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